Nov 24, 2014

Super Easy DIY Wall Sign

Seriously, this is so easy. A no brainer. Excuse the photos- were taken on my phone!
I chose this Prada "Marfa" sign to create on a canvas- simply drawn, not painted! Read below to copy me, you know you want to. 

Collect a canvas, a set of xacto knives, a cutting board, sharpie and a stencil. This stencil can be a quote, logo, or any simple graphic ( I googed Prada Marfa sign for mine and printed in black and white).

Cut out your stencil. I measured beforehand and had to print out two halves of the stencil because my canvas was bigger than 8.5X11".

Tape stencil to canvas.

Trace stencil.

Color in with Sharpie.

DONE, done and done. Way to easy….be on the lookout for more.!.!
That's all folks!

Nov 18, 2014

Chanel Potion Necklaces



That's how we do math @ The Quiet Lion. 

My newest necklaces take upcycling to a whole 'nother level. 

Old empty Chanel perfume bottles are redesigned into super sparkly pendants, and hung from metallic chain. I've chosen a COCO and No. 22 bottle (my two favorite scents from Miss Gabrielle) and have done contrasting natural metallic schemes with each piece.

Only the best of materials were used : Swarovski Create Your Style crystals were used on each piece. Courtesy of Cousin Corporation, the dealer of Swarovski CYS to all your favorite hobby and craft superstores (Michaels, JoAnn and more) Swarovski's signature sparkle and shine was the best compliment to the Chanel bottles. 

I filled each bottle with gold/silver metallic flake, vintage pearls taken from an old wedding dress, and more Swarovski crystal rounds.

The No. 22 necklace used a palette of silver and champagne (my favorite combo right now), merging that huge statement Swarovski crystal bead with a tassel of top-drilled clear crystals and an ivory pearl.

The COCO necklace took cues from the bottle's label, merging gold and black together for an ultra chic combo.

I thought about using pearls in this design, but it would have made the look a little too "girly" for me.

I used Cousin's rhinestone chain to add sparkle to the neck of the bottle. On the No. 22, I beaded a ring of Swarovski grey crystal rounds and attached the chain that way.

When I first filled the bottles, I spent time deciding how I would finish the necklaces.

I had to wrap the chain around the bottles to hold the bottom tassels in place. The No. 22 necklace I wrapped the chain into a "harness" of sorts, while the COCO necklace I used the chain as a "trim" on the edges of the bottle. 

Photographing them on a bed of chandelier crystals and bicones is the perfect backdrop!

Lovin' the big teardrop topaz Swarovski pendant on this one.

Twinning tassels :) These would look amazing paired with a black maxi dress, booties and an updo for effortlessly chic style. Or, go edgy with distressed denim, a plain white tee, a leather bomber jacket and heeled boots.

Hope you liked this inspo! Which necklace is your favorite?


Nov 9, 2014

Swarovski Pearled Treasure Necklace

Who doesn't love Swarovski?!

This amazingly sparkly necklace was created in less than 10 minutes (yes!) from a Swarovski kit.
This kit was complimentary of Cousin Corporation.
Cousin Corporation is now the official distributor of Swarovski Create Your Style to the craft chains like Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart US. Congrats Cousin!

A dark smoky pendant mixes with grey and ivory pearls - the neutral tones work great here for matching with just about any outfit you've got. Pair this with a silky white blouse, denim skinny jeans and black booties for seriously chic fall style!

The Create Your Style kits are awesome for beginners (has exactly what you need and comes with instructions for putting it together) and advanced beaders, who want to make something real quick.

I'm going to be using this Swarovski Create Your Style Pearled Treasure necklace kit.

I first examined my pretties…..

Then added a pearl to each headpin.

I made looped charms. With the biggest jumpring, open it and thread the large pendant on; re-close it.

There are two more jump rings. Connect them both then add one on the largest jumpring attached to the pendant; thread on all the pearls and re-close. You should have an empty jumpring at top. Thread the rattail through this.

This should mimic what you have.

(The rattail is super crimped from it being wrapped for packaging. I steamed it with a clothing steamer to make it lay flat.) The kit says to tie a knot at top, but guess what- rattail is extremely slippery, there's no way it would hold without gluing the knot. Or, add ribbon ends and a clasp to finish.

Super simple, right?!

You'll find a ton more Swarovski Create Your Style products at your major craft or hobby store. From other kits to pearl and crystal strands and more, there's something for every beader!

If you aren't feelin' the rattail cord, try hanging this from a silver chain for a dressier look. 
More Swarovsi tutorials to come!

All images copyright Allison Beth Cooling. DO NOT post/use without linking and crediting me.

Oct 27, 2014

Creepy Cute Felite

This creepy little guy loves Halloween! This tutorial will teach you how to quickly sew a "feltie" complete with fangs and crystal eyes. My second Halloween tutorial is great for kids (leave the sewing/needles up to the parents!) because they can draw out their creatures and create felt versions of them!  

Basic shapes come together to create this character. Have kids draw their shapes on paper, cut them out, then trace with the felt to create customized creatures. Aliens, goblins, witches and more! The techniques are quite simple, and stay true to any type of feltie you want to create. 

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are felt pieces (in brown or black, pink, white), sewing thread or embroidery floss, two small 3mm black crystals, E-6000 glue and quilting stuffing. I am using super strong thread, the kind meant to go through leather or vinyl.
Start by cutting the pieces you will need. Two oblong black ovals for the head, two mismatched white eyes, two black ear pieces, one pink nose and two white fangs. Don't worry about making the shapes exact; the unevenness adds to the quirkiness! Just make sure the two head pieces are the same size. Glue the two eyes to one of the head pieces.

Sew on the crystals for eyes. On the other head piece, dab a little glue on the bottom of the ear, and stick on top, making sure about 1/4" of the ear overlaps the top of the head. This way, the ears will be caught inside and sewed on as well, which is what you want!

You will have two head pieces; Start sewing them together with your string, using a back and for the sewing motion. Get your stuffing ready.

Continue to sew back and forth, and when you reach about 1" from where you started, fill the "pouch" with stuffing. Just enough to plump him up, don't bloat him!

Sew closed and cut the string. Glue on the nose and teeth!

This little guy can be just a toy, or glue on a pin backing to make him a pin. Or, make him a  necklace pendant. The results are endless! You can also color the bottom of his fangs with red Sharpie to make him more evil. I liked his cuteness though. 

All photos copyright Allison Beth Cooling. Do not post without linking to me!