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prada got nada on me glasses

So if you frequent my blog you obviously have already acknowledged my obsession with gems. I've embellished shoes, hats, shirts, nails and more - but never sunglasses. Well, my friends, now is the time.

These faux Prada glasses were found on Ebay - and I needed a way to dress them up.So after receiving some of this great sapphire rhinestone chain from Pandahall,  I first thought of using it in a jewelry tutorial. But, why not change it up a bit? It's ability to lay flat and bend/turn made it great for gluing on these frames.

I also added Cousin M'bellish flat backs to fill in some spots, and add more glitz. You can grab these or any other flat backs at Michael's, JoAnn, AC Moore and Walmart.

So totally luxe-looking, they definitely stand out - feel free to mix up colors here. I stuck with clear crystals, but using multicolors would make for a total Carnivale-type look!

Step 1: Gather materials. Needed are sunglasses, E6000 glue, a toothpick, rhinestone cup chain (mine from Pandahall here) and flatback crystals (mine from Cousin's M'Bellish line here). You could also use Swarovski flat backs, Crystazzi flat backs or other similar styles.

Step 2: Start gluing. It's super simple - with the toothpick, place a small dab of E6000 glue at the edge of the glasses frame (I started at the center of my swirl). Lay the first rhinestone on this glue- then, simply keep adding dabs of glue, and laying your chain down. Because of the shape of my frames, I did this swirl in one separate piece.

I added another piece to fill out the arms of the glasses. Repeat with other side.

Step 3: Embellish. I again glued down crystal flat backs with dabs of glue, adding a fan-like pattern to the edges of my glasses. I trimmed just the top of the lenses with another length of rhinestone chain. I cut all my chain after gluing it, to make sure I wasn't too short or too long with my cuts.

Are you digging them? I'd pair these with denim skinny jeans, a graphic tee and sneakers. Add a crystal bib necklace if you want to go all out!

I love the blue / silver combo here, adding a modernity to otherwise retro-type glasses. A black / gold combo would create a very luxe, more goth vibe. What colors would you choose?!

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Indie metallic Rocks +diy

For all my gypsy souls - the power of gemstones paired with the high-shine of… metallic tattoos?! Yes, I did a little experiment, and metallic tattoos (the like MUST HAVE accessory of the summer) do work on surfaces other than skin. I played around with adhering them to rocks, because those are the types of things I do in my free time. Anyway, this crazy experiment worked!

I was super excited. My overabundance of gemstones (these are all hand-tumbled by my cousin and uncle, their company is KubahkaRocks) can now be decorated with some serious bling.
You can get the metallic tattoos about anywhere these days, including craft stores like JoAnn fabrics.

To give your rocks some shiny pizzazz, simply apply the metallic tattoos just how you would on skin. This also works on agate and druzy agate slices. Here's a step-by-step process:

1. Cut the tattoo down to size (if part of a larger sheet) and remove the plastic film.
2. Press the tattoo face-down on the rock (make sure the rock is CLEAN and DRY!) and press down firmly.
3. Take a paint brush soaked with water, and wet the paper backing 'till it's fully saturated. Press the tattoo down firmly but gently, so the tattoo doesn't slide.
4. After about 30 seconds of pressing, gently lift up the corner of the paper backing, and the metallic film should come off. Use the wet paintbrush to detach the tattoo if you need help releasing the tattoo. Be gentle!
5. Let the rock dry. Then, coat with clear gloss glaze to seal in the tattoo. Embellish with rhinestones for added sparkle!

You can use these to decorate with - fill a bowl with these goodies as a cool table centerpiece. Or, glue bails on the back (if using agate slices) and wear as charms.

Perfectly bohemian with a luxe touch!

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