Quiet Lion Creations by Allison Beth Cooling


lucky lantern earrings

quiet lion creations by allison beth cooling lucky lantern earrings

Taking notes from my new Chinese calligraphy book, these well-balanced, lucky golden earrings are a great accessory to add chicness to any outfit.

quiet lion creations by allison beth cooling lucky lantern earrings

What makes the design are these cool golden hematite beads from Pandahall- I love the slightly faceted look and the liquid metal shine. Offset by more earthy, faceted turquoise beads, the gold pops. The geometric shape of the earrings remind me of those cool Chinese paper lanterns (I have them hanging in my room, love them).

Creating beaded links and connecting them is what this tutorial's all about. I of course added a crystal drop to finish off with a bit of sparkle. When don't I use sparkle?!

I also really love the bright blue color, but it's not too much - these still are super sophisticated, great for work or office attire.

Step 1: Gather materials: needed are pliers (round nose and wire cutters), gold wire or eye pins (eye pins are so much easier), headpins, gold chain, faceted gold hematite beads from Pandahall (similar here and here), 4mm faceted turquoise beads from Pandahall,  6mm Austrian bicone crystals from Pandahall,  and gold jump rings.

With either your eye pins or pieces of wire (you could also use wire scraps, much like I did in my Modernist Hand Bracelet tutorial) create beaded charms using three gold hematite beads per charm. You will need only 6 charms for this earring tutorial.

On another eye pin, string on a turquoise and a bead link - repeat twice more, then finish with turquoise. Bend headpin at right angle to last bead. Make another bead charm with the grey Austiran crystal on a headpin. Group the bottom three loops of the hematite charms with a jumpring - add a turquoise bead link, then the crystal. Finally, create a loop out of that excess wire and cut flush. Add a turquoise bead charm on each loop of the eye pin. Yours should look like the rightmost picture.

Add a jumpring to each side of the eye pin. Now, add about a 2" piece of gold chain to the jump rings. Simply add your fishhook to the middle of this length of chain. Repeat for the second earring!

I could totally see these working in different color schemes. Gold and black would work well for a completely neutral palette. Or, go with gold and silver for a mixed metal theme.

Being surprisingly lightweight, these earrings flow in the wind, and have a lot of movement to them. I love chandelier earrings that won't totally stretch my ear out, right?!

I'll leave you to view the rest of the glamour shots. If you make these using this tutorial, be sure to post on instagram and tag me @quietlioncreations! I'll repost you!

quiet lion creations by allison beth cooling lucky lantern earrings 

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rainbow dreamcatcher earrings

Do your old hoop earrings need a makeover? Why not turn them into mini dreamcatchers?!

A super-simple technique of wrapping this bright neon cord around the hoop frame creates a funky bohemian accessory, that's perfect for summer's upcoming music festivals and beach days. Are we ready?!

Step 1: Gather materials. You will need large hoop earrings, Pandahall Rainbow Nylon cord, Elements of Antiquity pewter peace charm, scissors, jump rings and a feather.

Start by cutting a length of the nylon cord (I used about 2 feet for these larger hoops). Tie an overhand knot behind the back of the earring, securing the thread on. With the left side of the string (the right is just excess after the knot, you won't be needing it so you can cut it off now if you want) wrap around the front of the hoop, around the back, then over the front most string to create a loop. Repeat again.

Do this about five times (may change depending on size of hoop. Then repeat process, but wrapping around the inner string as opposed to the hoop earring. Keep going in a spiral pattern until you've got no more space left.

Tie off string into a knot to finish the end. Burn the ends of the starting knot and this knot to secure. Add your peace charm and feather (I added a cord end to the feather) to the very center of the dreamcatcher.

For those of you that aren't into large hoops, use a smaller size and wrap accordingly. Also, if you're not digging the bright rainbow colors (why??!!) feel free to use any of these cool colors Pandahall has to offer. Peace out!


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